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West Green Primary School

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Learning skills at West Green are introduced by me (Ed) and my friend, Em.  We are explorers who learn by getting stuck in a pit and finding our way out.

The Pit Colour JPEG Questioning cartoon-bone-hi Noticing there-is-50-dinosaur-track-free-cliparts-all-used-for-free-Of5v83-clipart Perseverance Listening Working Together 175a57bcbf02f314a11abdd2be1d9d74_secret-map-trail- planning Untitled-1 62046999-cartoon-head-dinosaur-fossil imagining imitation making links 400_F_67516072_cUpuZdGy7OONvliHeSYKCmoi8LxKXvPz reasoning cartoon-bone-hi improving Untitled-1 175a57bcbf02f314a11abdd2be1d9d74_secret-map-trail- Untitled-1 meta-learning capitalising Empathy refining skill swapping Learning Skills h3l1x Em reversed Speech-Bubble-Transparent

Click the banners below to understand the definition of each learning skill.

focussing Grammar Explorers Episode One

Grammar Explorer Comic - Episode One (Click to open)

managing distractions