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West Green Primary School

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Year 4

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In year four, we read some very exciting texts in English. These include George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, The Fox and the Ghost King by Michael Morpugro (a must for football fans) and Mr Stink by David Walliams. Our English lessons will be based around these texts and others paying careful attention to objectives of the National curriculum.

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In Maths we enhance the understanding of the four number operations and set children targets to know as many of their time tables as possible. Fractions and decimals are very prominent in our curriculum as is measuring and identifying angles. Lots of our Maths learning is interactive, enhancing the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills.

Our topic after Christmas is science based, studying living things – plants and animals. This includes a visit from an educational company that bring live animals into the classroom; lots a cute and fluffy ones, plus a few reptiles and insects to hold too!


During out topic of Romans, we cover modern Italy which includes a visit to Pizza Express, where the children can make pizzas and bring them back to school to eat for lunch.


In year 4, we swim for the whole year, every Wednesday afternoon at K2 Leisure centre. We see very pleasing results from this with most children being competent swimmers by the end of the school year.