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West Green Primary School

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Year 5

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Year 5 starts the next exciting chapter as the children continue their journey through West Green and join upper Key Stage 2.


What’s so special about Year 5? Of course, we teach all the curriculum subjects through topics as you can see on our long term curriculum map. However, each topic has a particular focus.

Autumn Term - Out of this World

A science-based topic looking at Earth in Space and forces.

This has previously included a fantastic trip to Chichester Planetarium.

Spring Term - Antarctic Adventures

A humanities-based topic (unfortunately, no trip to the Antarctic) comparing climates.

Summer Term - Myths and Legends

Another-humanities based topic comparing Anglo-Saxon life to that of the Maya from Central America. Previously in this term we have had a visit form Charlie Wilson, a professional storyteller, and a trip to the theatre.

There are so many other opportunities for the children in Year 5 to develop other skills too. They take responsibility for the music in assembly, learn to play an instrument with a qualified music teacher, and like other classes, they participate in Book Buddies, Young Interpreters and School Council, to name just a few.