We are not setting any formal work over Easter. This page has a range of ideas from all the staff that you may like to try out to keep yourselves busy. 
Check out the separate sporty page as well! 
Send any pictures of things you have done to admin@westgreenprimaryschool.com and we will put them in the home learning gallery.
Decorate an Egg!
Why not decorate a hard-boiled egg for Easter. You can send a photograph of it to admin@westgreenprimaryschool.com and we will put it up on the website.
If you haven't got any eggs you could paint a pebble or draw a picture instead.
Here is our amazing and hilarious quiz for you to try. See if you can guess the members of staff from their photos...
Easter Activity Ideas
  • Have a go at designing a treasure hunt. Make clues and think about where you could hide them around your house. Try and make your clues slightly difficult – maybe you could try using some of your English knowledge to conceal the locations?
  • Draw your perfect party! Make sure you include all the decorations, food, games and people that you would want there. The more detail and colour, the better.
  • Paper airplane competition! Try seeing how far you can throw a paper airplane against other members of your family.
  • Design a bag. Think about what it’s made of, what features it has, how many pockets, how big it is. Again, the more detailed your design is, the better it will be.


Collect and store or grow your own tomato seeds. You will need a tomato!

Follow the link to show you how to collect and prepare the tomato seeds.


Once collected you could plant the seeds and/or save some of them for planting next year.

Research how to collect and dry the seeds of other fruit and vegetables. How many different seeds can you collect and prepare? How many different plants can you have a go at growing?


Make a list of your favourite films or shows. Choose a favourite scene to recreate. Make the characters and setting out of paper, card, cardboard, etc., and then act the scene out to your family audience. 


Create one or more of these musical instruments. Get members of your family to play an instrument too. Can you recreate a favourite song from the soundtrack of one of your favourite films or shows?



Create a newspaper of your family’s news since you’ve been at home. Think of reports you could write, adverts you could create and interviews you could carry out. It would be lovely if you could show your friends your newspaper when we get back to school.


Research the history of flight. Read (or re-read) the Amelia Earhart reading task. Can you design and make your own flying machine? 


Easter Activity Links

Scavenger hunt - https://kidsgardening.org/scavenger-hunt-garden/

Pine cone bird maker - https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-kids/games-and-activities/activities/produce-a-pine-cone-feeder/

Easter egg cookies - https://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/easter-egg-cookies-recipe/wcs8lv59

Cornflake Easter nests -  https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/eastereggnests_93841/amp

Toilet roll Easter bunny https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YIc7syiAhFk

Here's a great website that you can enter the list of materials you have and then it will tell you what you can make:


Here's a Design and Technology project from the same website that uses newspaper, a sheet of cardboard and tape.


There's a helpful video on the site, or use the PDF below.

Thanks to Crawley College for creating this Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activity pack.
West Sussex Music have sent us these activity sheets for when you are in a musical mood.