This page gives some general ideas for working at home that every child can use.
BBC Bitesize has a range of information about the whole curriculum, and some good ideas for activities.
Children can browse the page and choose an activity, or parents can help them to find something.
For example, children could watch one of the great video clips in the history section and then write about it in their own words. Finish off the work with a picture to illustrate it.
There are resources for the whole curriculum here. Don't forget that we are learning Spanish in school. There's some great videos for that on Bitesize too.
Primary resources offers a range of free worksheets for teachers:
Have a look at the activities for the specific age group, there's plenty here to choose from. If you have a printer at home you can print some out, or just view them on screen.
Again, if you are lucky enough to have a printer, there are many colouring sheets available on the internet. Mindfulness colouring can really help when you have a lot of time to yourself and are stuck inside. - this website has a range of resources to support with all areas of the curriculum.

School closure free access code: parentstwinklhelps

More ideas for activities: