RECEPTION: WEEK 1 (23rd March)

Reception learning from home - Week Beginning 23rd March

Here is a list of suggested activities for you to do with your child at home. Keep it as practical and fun as you can! Our topic is ‘Superheroes’ this term, so please feel free to do anything with your child along this theme. Youtube and bedtime stories on CBeebies do have some good videos of different books around the Superhero theme, that you might be able to listen to together. You might just need to do a little research first!


  • Do some adding and taking away of two single digit numbers, recording them as number sentences (3-2=, 4+8=) is you think it is appropriate for your child. Can your child count on and back from the first number? Use anything you have to support this – cars, dolls, pencils, dots on paper etc.
  • Ask your child to count (up and back), order and say the number that is one more or less than a number.


  • Can your child write about their favourite superhero or make one up?
  • Write about something you can see from the window.
  • Create a new adventure for Supertato, Superworm or Super Daisy. (Google these and a youtube video of the story should come up).
  • Practise writing and reading these red words (words we are unable to sound out): the, I, was, we, she, he, be, me, my, no, come, so. Can your child put them into a sentence?

Wider curriculum

  • Create a superhero gadget out of junk modelling or construction toys.
  • Make music out of things you can find around the house and sing!
  • Look at nature in your garden or out your window and spot the signs of spring.
  • Make an obstacle course of things your child can move over, under, through and around.
  • Experiment with different ways of moving with your child.

Website for free access: – this website has a range of games for reading real and ‘alien’ (made up) words, to support your child’s phonics.

Username: march20

Password: home - this website has a range of resources to support with all areas of the curriculum.

School closure free access code: parentstwinklhelps


Many thanks for your continued support. Stay healthy and safe.


The Reception Team