RECEPTION: WEEK 2 (30th March)

Hello Reception class!

We hope you are all keeping well and have enjoyed your home learning tasks last week, as well as maybe even thinking of your own things to do! Please keep practising your number work from last week, as it’s good to do some every week. What else could you use? Could you make some number cards, get your grown up to hide them in the garden or around your house and find them, then put them in order? Could you do this with addition and subtraction number sentences?


  • Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around your house and/or garden. What do you find? Which ones can you name? Which ones did you find the most or least of? Why do you think that is? Can you name any properties (flat, sides, corners, curved, straight, edges, faces etc.)? Can you sort your objects? How will you do this? (2D shapes to focus on: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, oval, hexagon and octagon. 3D shapes to focus on: cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid and cone).
  • Make a repeating pattern using objects, crayons, paint or anything else you can think of! Start simple then make it more complicated! How many can you make? (Try this game as well -
  • Grab your favourite cuddly toy! Can you follow your grown-up’s instructions to place it somewhere? (E.g. under the table, on top of a car or in a box)? Can you then give instructions to your grown up? Can you follow a sequence of instructions? (Positional language to focus on are: under, on top, behind, in front, between, in/inside, out/outside, above, below and next to).


  • Can you write an adventure for a Superhero or something they could do to help someone?
  • Write a simple book review of your favourite book. What do you like about it and why? What is your favourite part and why? What are the names of the characters? What is your favourite character like? Where is it set?
  • Write a simple recount of your day or what you got up to yesterday. Can you use the past tense?
  • Keep practising reading and writing those red words!
  • Find a picture on the internet or in a book and write some sentences describing it.

Wider curriculum

  • Talk, write or draw about the ways you can keep healthy. How many ways do you do this during the day? (Remember about rest and sleep too!)
  • Help your grown up with some cooking or baking. Can you carefully weigh out ingredients? Can you write up the recipe or make up one of your own?
  • Can you do an Easter activity or talk about Easter with your grown up?
  • Join in with Joe Wicks’ PE lesson, live on YouTube each day from 9am, if you haven’t already!
  • If you can get outside and have these things, have a go at writing or doing numbers on the patio or big pieces of paper! Use chalk, paint or water and paintbrushes. If not, can you use paper (big or small), boxes etc. to do the same thing inside?
  • Get a piece of paper to make a wristband. Cover it with double sided tape or sellotape sticky side up. Go round your garden (or outside area if you are able to and it is safe to do so), and cover it with leaves, flowers, grass, twigs etc. to make a nature wristband. If you are unable to get outside or are self-isolating, can you find things around your house or use paper, stickers, cut out shapes etc. to decorate your wristband? If you don’t have sellotape, what else could you use?
  • With your grown up, fill a bowl with water (or the bath!) and collect a range of objects from around your house. Talk with them about which ones you think will float or sink. Why do you think that? Can you make something out of paper or junk modelling resources that will float? (Maybe a Superhero needs a new boat or form of transport to get across the water!) Sing some songs about water.

Websites: – this website has a range of games for reading real and ‘alien’ (made up) words, to support your child’s phonics.

Username: march20

Password: home - this website has a range of resources to support with all areas of the curriculum.

School closure free access code: parentstwinklhelps

Search ‘Ace Early Years’ on YouTube, or join the group on Facebook if you can. They have some wonderful and inspirational learning activities that you may like to do with your child. - for phonics. There are some daily lessons of phonics if you would like to join them. Check the website for details. – lots of lovely games for children to practise their maths skills. - activities to support science and engineering. More to be added over the coming weeks.


Many thanks for your continued support. Stay healthy and safe.


The Reception Team