RECEPTION: WEEK 5 (20th April)

Home learning for this week:
 Share at least one book with your grown-ups every day. This could be a school book, a book from home or an online book.
 Write a list. This could be a shopping list, list of ingredients for cooking or a list of things you would like to do when we don’t have to stay at home.
 Practise reading and spelling these red words: revise - I, was, he, she, me, my, no, the, we, be, come, so and practise the new words: go, said, of, what, you. (You could make these into cards and hide them around the house, play snap with them, practise writing them etc.)
 Measure the length and height of items and toys around the house using blocks, cars, cut out handprints or any items that are the same size.
 Practise your number bonds (these are different ways to make a number with 2 numbers). How many different ways can you make 10? E.g. 1+9=10, 5+5=10. Use 10 objects to help you with this, such as Lego blocks, sweets, coins, bottle tops etc. You might even want to try different ways to make 20!
 Have a go at counting in groups of two to 10 or 20. Using 2p coins can help.
Wider curriculum
 Visit ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ on YouTube and do some yoga together – there are lots of different themes including Harry Potter, Frozen, Pokemon, Dinosaurs etc.
 Puppet shows – make your own puppets using paper and lolly sticks or anything else you might have. The puppets could be members of your family, characters from a book or your friends. Can you make up your own story using your puppets?
 Discuss the weather each day. What season is it? Talk about the different seasons and what happens in each. Draw symbols or pictures for different type of weather, e.g. sunny, raining etc.
Remember there are lots of websites offering a wide range of learning activities, which are listed on weeks 1 and 2 of our home learning pages.
This website comes highly recommended by a parent for phonics and reading, which they have been having lots of fun with: Why not give it a try!