RECEPTION WEEK 6 (27th April)

Here is the home learning for Reception for this week.


Choose an animal(s) and if you have them, use non-fiction books as well as the internet or your knowledge to write a fact card, poster or simple non-fiction book of your own! You decide the best way to present it with what you have at home. You could choose one animal or several animals. If you have non-fiction books, can you remember what non-fiction means? Can you remember the features? (Contents page, index, headings, sub-headings, pictures, facts and fact boxes). These websites are good for fact finding: - you might find it easier to type your animal into the search bar at the top of the page and scroll down to the facts link. There might also be some nice activities on the page, which you may want to try. - if you go to ‘Our Zoo’ at the top of the page then scroll down to ‘See our Animals’, you can then click on the animal of your choice.


Play silly sentences! Get your grown up to write out some sentences and some different words on small pieces of paper. Read a sentence then get your grown up to change a word at a time in the sentence, and reread the sentence. I wonder what silly sentences you will make! For example:

Do you have any stories with animals in them? Read them or make up a story using the pictures with your grown up, to your cuddly toys or your siblings. Which animals do they have in them?




Revise counting in 2s to 10. Now try counting in 2s to 20 or beyond. Remember counting using 2p coins can be helpful.


Investigate a number a day (1-20 or higher if you want a challenge) by: writing the number, drawing the amount, draw it as a dice, draw as Numicon, write it in words, write one more and one less than the number, paint the number, find that amount of objects or anything else you can think of!


Play a match the number activity – You will need a large piece of paper and felt pens. You can do this on the floor or alternatively you can tape the paper to the wall. Write several numbers, ask your child to decorate each with as many dots as the number. You can do numbers to 20 or more.

This is a great way to practice addition and subtraction, using numbers and mathematical symbols – You need to take a sharpie and write some numbers and mathematical symbols on the edges of Styrofoam cups. Then stack them on each other in a logical order (e.g. 1 + 3 = 4). Now spin the different cups and create true number sentences.  Write all of the calculations you found. (If you don’t have Styrofoam cups, you could try paper plates or circles of paper).

Wider curriculum

  • Make your favourite animal(s) out of anything! You could use junk modelling, playdough, paints, crayons, duplo, lego, twigs from the garden etc.
  • Go on an animal hunt in your garden or observe what you see from the window. Make a list of the animals you find or see. How many different types of animals did you find or see? Can you find out any more information about them?
  • Have a go at ‘Spider Safari’! (Instructions are saved as a PDF on our website).
  • Create a ‘Wish Jar or Box’ with all the things you would like or are looking forward to doing when we do not have to stay at home anymore. (Mrs Spence is going to share a picture of hers next week!)
  • Also or instead of the above activities, use the activities/questions in our letter.


Remember there are many websites offering a wide range of learning activities, which are listed on our previous home learning pages.


Don’t forget you can send pictures of the learning and activities you have been doing to, as we would love to see what you are getting up to, as we are really missing teaching you and seeing the wonderful creations and learning that you do.


Remember, be good for your grown-ups and keep being the super helpful children that we know you are! Take care of yourselves and we are looking forward to seeing you, hopefully very soon.