Here is a letter for Reception class this week:

We hope you like the books you received! We will firstly be focussing tasks on ‘Billy’s Bucket’, with the focus then being on ‘Bog Baby’. However, please feel free to read both books now or do any activities with either of them, if your child would like to do this.  


Do you think the bucket is the best present or do you think Billy should have chosen one of the other presents his mum or dad suggested? (This can be done as a speaking task, where your child can practise structuring their sentence(s) to explain their opinion, e.g. ‘I think he should choose the bike’, extending to saying why using because, and, so, e.g. ‘I think he should choose the bike so he can ride it in the park’).

Talk about how Billy asks for his bucket using “Please can I have...”. Is this a good way to ask for a present? Why do you think that? Talk about what you might like for your next birthday. Either write a list on paper or the computer, or if you have any magazines that you no longer need, cut out some pictures and stick ideas for what you would like (or you could draw the items). Write at the top: “Please can I have...” and “Thank you” at the bottom, or something similar that you have thought of.

Design a bucket. Can you write some sentences about it? (There is a bucket template you can print out if you are able to or you can trace round it off the screen onto a piece of paper).



This week’s maths activity will focus on capacity, so we have suggested some ideas for the week based around this topic.

Investigate capacity with your grown up, using different containers from around your house, trying to use a variety of sizes, where possible. Milk and drinks bottles are good for this too! Can you use these words to describe how much water is in your container: full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty? Can you compare your containers and put them in order?

Once you have had a go at the above, look at how many cups of water each of your containers hold. Before you do this, estimate or guess how many cups of water you think your containers will hold. Why do you think that? Would a taller or shorter container hold more? What about a wide or narrow container? After, discuss which one holds the most or least. Are you surprised by any of these?

If you would like a challenge, markers can be used to draw on units, measured in equal steps with a ruler, e.g. in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s or 10’s, if you think this is appropriate for your child or have these resources.

If the weather is rainy, you could have a go at placing a container outside to collect the rainwater and see how much rain there has been. Which day did it rain more on?


Wider curriculum

Try ‘Science with Ice’ (see separate PDF for details).


Draw or paint a picture of the sea! Will you do an underwater picture or one where you can see what is on top or above the sea? Which animals will you include? (Think about which creatures live in the same sea).

Use your voices, any instruments you have or bits and pieces from around your house to make sounds you would hear at the beach or out at sea.

Also or instead of the above activities, use the activities/questions in our letter.



Remember there are many websites offering a wide range of learning activities, which are listed on our previous home learning pages.


Don’t forget you can send pictures of the learning and activities you have been doing to, as we would love to see what you are getting up to, as we are really missing teaching you and seeing the wonderful creations and learning that you do.