YEAR 3: WEEK 1 (23rd March)



Find 6 items in your bedroom that you can measure using a ruler.

Can you write the measurement in cm and then convert it into mm.

Remember when we are converting from cm to mm we are making it 10 times bigger?


Can you make these numbers 10 times smaller and 10 times bigger?

10 times bigger: 2,10, 30, 15,44, 73, 110, 333, 999

10 times smaller: 20, 40, 300,  4000, 2100, 45, 61


Can you draw a bar chart representing the information in the pictogram?


Can you write a letter from your pebble back to their pebble family telling them about the journey they have been on and all the exciting things they may have seen or done? Use your imagination!


What has your pebble been doing since you’ve had it?

Where has it been?

Is he/she ok?

Has he/she met any new friends?



Can you write a diary entry from the girl in ‘Pebble in my pocket’? Writing in first person.

Think about:

  • How she found the pebble?
  • What did she do with it?
  • How was she feeling?
  • What happened after she found it?

The pebble in my pocket is smooth and round and brown.

I found it on the ground.

Where did you come from pebble?


Can you make a fact file telling me how fossils are formed?

Here are some good websites to help!



Ongoing project

Volcano project:

You can choose to do one of the following tasks:

  • Make a fact file about volcanoes
  • Draw a picture of a volcano, Label the different parts of it.
  • Make a poster with facts about volcanoes
  • Paint and label a picture of a volcano
  • Make an information page about volcanoes
  • Make a model or 3D picture of a volcano