YEAR 3: WEEK 2 (30th March)

Hello Year 3! I hope you are keeping safe and well, here are some tasks for you to do over the coming week.


Adding and subtracting. Remember when you’re subtracting you might have to borrow from your neighbour.


45 + 17 =                             54 – 21 =

58 + 36 =                             86 – 43 =

115 + 31 =                           82 – 26 =

243 + 133 =                        126 – 38 =


Unit and non-unit fractions task. Can you explain the difference between unit and non- unit fractions? Then answer the questions from the work sheet (see attached work sheet).



Answer the questions using the information from the bar chart.

  1. Which day sold the most ice cream?
  2. Which day sold the least ice cream?
  3. How many ice creams were sold on Sunday?
  4. How many more ice creams were sold on Sunday than Friday?
  5. What was the second most popular days for buying ice creams?





Can you write a poem about a volcano?

You might want to start by making a mind map of different words you could include; this will help to begin your poem. Remember not all poems have to rhyme! Here’s an example of my mind map for my volcano poem:

Watch the short clip from the literacy shed:

Can you continue the story and write an ending? You might want to think about;

Where he ends up? Does he stay with the turtle? How is he feeling? Scared, excited, nervous.

Don’t rush, it doesn’t have to be started and finished in the same day J

Use this format to help write your ending;

Plan your ideas – write a draft – edit and improve (check spellings)


Read ‘Pets care of a dog’ and answer the questions that follow. (see attached text, questions and answers)




Volcano project

You can choose to do one of the following tasks:

  • Make a fact file about volcanoes
  • Draw a picture of a volcano, Label the different parts of it.
  • Make a poster with facts about volcanoes
  • Paint and label a picture of a volcano
  • Make an information page about volcanoes
  • Make a model or 3D picture of a volcano

Here are some helpful websites!


Have a go at some shadow drawing! Draw round the shadow and then finish off the picture with colour and detail of your own.


Extra links;

  • – hit the button, spooky spellings
  • Times table rock stars
  • – for maths challenges
  • BBC Bitesize – for games & extra learning