YEAR 4: WEEK 1 (23rd March)



Read any book and write a review of it. Answer these questions:

Did you like it?

What type of book was it? Does it have chapters?

How long is it?

Is it part of a series?

What was your favourite part? If you didn’t have one, what was your least favourite part and why?

Who would you recommend it to? Why?

If there is anything else you would like to include or think you should include, feel free to do so!



Make/draw a mind map of any grammar or punctuation you can think of.

It should look something like this:


Writing Showcase!

Write any style of writing based on one of these three images:


How many different things can you measure around your house? Try and think about using centimetres, metres and millimetres if possible to measure different objects.

Put your findings in a table like this:

What is the longest object?

What is the shortest object?


Have a go at estimation with these different objects.

How long or tall do you think these objects might be in metres and why?

Remember to explain your answers – use because.

To help you, think about what these objects might be bigger or smaller than.


The Eiffel Tower.

The length of West Green School.

The height of your house.

The height of one of your parents.

The height of Big Ben.


Draw a bar graph using the table below as your data.

Your final bar chart should look something like this:

Ongoing Project

As part of our History topic, we are studying the Anglo Saxons.

You need to research the Anglo Saxons and answer these questions:

-          Who were the Anglo Saxons?

-          Where did they come from?

-          What did they eat?

-          What did an Anglo Saxon village look like?

-          What was Anglo Saxon life like?

-          Who ruled the Anglo Saxons?

-          How long did the Anglo Saxons live in England? From what year to what year?

-          Are there any Anglo Saxon words that you use in English today?


You can present this information however you like. It could be:

-          A poster

-          A fact file

-          A model/set of models

-          A play

-          A script

-          A labelled diagram

Or any form of writing/performance that contains the answers to the above questions.


This project will be for the next few weeks so the more information you have, the better these projects will be. Don’t try and rush through everything in one day!


Other Tasks

Times Table Rockstars! – Keep trying to get your score for the Studio as low as possible. Go for under 4 seconds.

Spellings! – Have a practice spelling out some of these words with a partner. The more practice you can get of these, the better as it can only help when we come back.

Any other learning or practice you would like to do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for being patient and for trying your best with these activities.


Have a good week!