YEAR 5: WEEK 1 (23rd March)

Dear Year 5,

Firstly, I hope you are staying safe and well. 

Below is a list of activities and work for you to complete at home. It might seem simpler than usual, but that way you should be able to complete it independently. Please also take this time to think of something you want to achieve/learn in your home schooling time. I am going to be completing a massive Lego kit (something I’ve always wanted to do) and learning some new awesome ways to teach you all things!


  • Daily spellings (see link)
  • SPAG games on
  • Keep a journal (you’re making history & you’ll want to remember it!)
  • Watch Happy Feet/Happy Feet 2 and take notes. Compare it to our learning of Antarctica this year. Which parts of the film are factual or fictional? Present your information on a mind map.


  • Read a chapter of ‘Nim’s Island’ each day and answer the questions in the booklet. (see links for both book and booklet)


  • Daily Timestable Rockstars
  • Percentages booklet (see link)
  • Problem solving challenge:

Wider Curriculum:

  • Research global warming. Why is it so bad for Antarctica?
  • Investigate what happens to different household materials when heating/melting.
  • 'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons every morning at 9am on his YouTube channel which might be fun for you to keep moving about whilst off school.
  • Learn a new skill! Coding, Spanish; the world is your oyster!

Extra links;

  • – for quizzes on any topic (challenge your siblings/parents)
  • – for educational games
  • – for maths challenges
  • BBC Bitesize – for games & extra learning