YEAR 6: WEEK 2 (30th March)

Hi Year 6


I am really missing teaching you all, and hope you are making the best of a difficult situation and spending time with your families...


I hope you enjoyed writing an imaginative story based on the flying turtles last week and can't wait to hopefully read them soon!


Here is this week's home learning:




Compare two of your favourite Power of Reading books!

Think back to the books we read in Year 5; Cosmic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Journey to The River Sea. You could also compare Goodnight Mister Tom or Wonder! 

Questions to consider:

What is the plot of the books?

When were they set?

What themes does the book contain?

Who would enjoy reading the book?

Which book is your favourite and why?


For Example:

  • Introduction - 

The two books I am going to compare this week are Cosmic and Goodnight Mister Tom.

In Cosmic, which was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, the main character (Liam Digby) goes on a hilarious adventure into SPACE! The plot of Goodnight Mister Tom - by Michelle Magorian - follows a boy named William Beech who also goes on an adventure. However he is evacuated to Somerset, and has a much more emotional journey...

  • How are they the same?

The two books share lots of similar themes because...

  • How are they different?

The two books are at times different because...

  • Which do you prefer and why?

In my opinion, XXX is my favourite book because...



When you have finished, you could recreate the front cover  of your absolute favourite book ever! Mine is going to be an illustration of Florida and Liam from Cosmic, and I'm going to go for a 'wishy washy' or 'abstract' design! Ha ha! I'll upload my version to the website next week so you can see...


Creative Writing:

Can you create a story based on this image? 

The funnier the better!

The only rule is that it has to be as close to 500 words as possible!

Maybe you could have a competition and get your adults, brothers, sisters to join in too! 


This is a great website to use if you just want to chill and listen to a story! 

We have used it in class before...





  • For interactive games which help develop your mental maths skills, please click on the below link to top marks:


Here you can play hit the button and try to beat our class's top score! 

(Screen shot if you beat 50/50 !!!)


  • I have also found a Maths Escape Room Game

Some of the clues are tricky and require you to think outside the box... I will upload the answers next week, so you can check if you were right! These worksheets are on a PDF, and there is also a powerpoint to give you the clues... good luck!

  • Lastly, nrich is a really useful website that I sometimes 'snip' problems from for us to work on in class! Check it out if you love our problem solving lessons and want more maths work:



Stay safe and be good!


Best Wishes,


Miss Jeffery